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Mercury 2022
Current and future science of the innermost planet

Because of the current pandemic situation, Mercury 2021 conference
is postponed to
June 7-10, 2022
Registration is temporarily closed. More information coming soon !


Following the meeting held in May 2018 in Columbia (USA), the conference "Mercury 2021 : current and future science of the innermost planet" will focus on all scientific aspects of planet Mercury, including both the current state of knowledge and the prospects for future endeavors. The meeting will welcome and encourage participation by the wide-ranging and diverse international Mercury science community, covering topics such as Mercury’s:

  1. exosphere and magnetosphere dynamics,
  2. surface geology and composition,
  3. deep interior geophysics and planetary evolution,
  4. fundamental physics with Bepi-Colombo.
In addition, the latest plans and developments from BepiColombo’s unprecedented mission to explore Mercury with two spacecraft's will be shared and discussed.

It will feature both oral and poster presentations (poster being prepared in A0 format with longest dimension vertically). Some splinter meetings will be organized during the conference such as the Young Scientist Working Group splinter.



The conference will be held from Tuesday June 7, 2022 until Friday June 10, 2022 at Dupanloup Center ("Hôtel Dupanloup"), a 18th-century building located just next to the cathedral in Orléans (France). Address:

Dupanloup center (map)
rue Dupanloup
45000, Orléans
- By car (from Paris): use highway A10
- By train (from Paris): use rapid TER trains leaving from Austerlitz station. Stop in « Orléans » station (not « les Aubrais » station). It takes about 1h10 to reach Orléans from Paris.

- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Tourism in Orléans and around Orléans

If you have any question, please send a mail to the local organizing committee (LOC):



Registration is temporarily closed. More information coming soon !

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Science Organizing Committee (SOC)

Leblanc, François (LATMOS, Lead, France)
Benkhoff, Johannes (ESA, The Netherlands)
Byrne, Paul (NCSU, USA)
Chabot, Nancy (APL, USA)
Delcourt, Dominique (LPC2E, France)
Galluzzi, Valentina (INAF/IAPS, Italy)
Henri, Pierre (LPC2E, France)
Langevin, Yves (IAS, France)
Milillo, Anna (INAF/IAPS, Italy)
Murakami, Go (ISAS, Japan)
Peron, Roberto (INAF/IAPS, Italy)
Raines, Jim (University of Michigan, USA)
Terada, Naoki (Tohoku University, Japan)
Vander Kaaden, Kathleen (Jacobs/NASA, USA)
Zender, Joe (ESA, The Netherlands)


Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Delcourt, Dominique (LPC2E, Lead)
Chane-Yook, Martine (IAS)
Henri, Pierre (LPC2E)
Langer, Isabelle (LPC2E)
Leblanc, François (LATMOS)
Vincendon, Mathieu (IAS)


Poster and flyer of the conference

You can download here the Mercury 2021 poster