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Conference program

You can download here the conference booklet (not yet valid)
You can download here the abstract booklet (not yet valid)


9:00-10:30: 6 presentations of 15 minutes each
10:30-11:15: coffee break (posters)
11:15-12:30: 5 presentations of 15 minutes each
12:30-14:00: lunch break
14:00-15:30: 6 presentations of 15 minutes each
15:30-16:15: coffee break (posters)
16:15-17:30: 5 presentations of 15 minutes each

On Wednesday June 3, 2020, conference cocktail will start at 19:00 at Dupanloup center.
On Thursday June 4, 2020, presentations will stop at 15:30.

Presentations (oral and posters) are organized according to the 5 following themes :

Session 1: Exosphere and magnetosphere dynamics
Conveners : Henri P., J. Raines, Milillo A., F. Leblanc and Terada N.
Invited talks (20 mn each)
  • R. Killen ( “Mercury’s Exosphere”
  • J. Slavin ( “Overview of the Hermean magnetosphere after MESSENGER”
Session 2: Surface geology and composition
Conveners : Chabot N., Langevin Y., Galluzzi V.
Invited talks (20 mn each)
  • Matteo Massironi ( “Bepi-Colombo surface science objectives”
  • Jennifer Whitten ( “Mercury's geology and composition after MESSENGER”
Session 3: Deep interior geophysics and planetary evolution
Conveners : J. Benkhoff, J. J. Zender, P. Byrne, K. Vanderkaaden
Invited talks (20 mn each)
  • Tim Van Hoolst ( “Mercury's deep interior“
  • Brett Denevi ( : “Mercury’s evolution”
Session 4: Fundamental physics with Bepi-Colombo
Convener : Peron R.
Invited talks (20 mn each)
  • Luciano Iess ( “Expected results of Bepi-Colombo Radio Science Experiment"
  • Clifford Will ( “Post-Newtonian relativistic gravitation and of the current status of gravitational / fundamental physics tests“
Session on Bepi-Colombo
Invited talks (20 mn each)
  • Go Murakami ( “MIO/Bepi Colombo”
  • Johannes Benkhoff ( “MPO/Bepi Colombo”